The Netherlands

The Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB) has amended its policy regarding the labeling of medicines for humans (MEB 6).

The MEB recognizes the value that pictograms on the packaging can have to clarify the information. Pictograms on the packaging of medicines can inform users in a low-threshold manner about the most important warnings when using medicines. In the amended policy, the MEB makes available a set of pictograms together with their meaning (Positive List of Pictograms) that may be used on the packaging of medicines.

The main changes are:

  • the adaptation of the definitions of ‘icons’ and ‘images’,
  • a new pictogram policy, including an explanation of the approved pictogram set that can be used by marketing authorization holders,
  • addition that QR codes may refer to web pages, URL links and videos with information about the drug in question in line with the product information,
  • addition of a new annex ‘Positive list’, with standardized pictograms and accompanying sentences approved by the MEB.

The MEB now offers you the opportunity to comment on the proposed changes through the public consultation response form no later than 22 July 2021.


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