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Healthcare Transparency Register concept law

May 14, 2019

The Netherlands 

On 30 April 2019, the concept text for the Healthcare Transparency Register law was presented for consultation. With this concept law, the obligation for suppliers of medicines and medical devices to report financial relationships with healthcare professionals and patient organizations to the Healthcare Transparency Register becomes legally anchored.  

The concept law anticipates the evaluation of the Healthcare Transparency Register that is currently being carried out by the Institute for Rational Use of Medicine. The results of this evaluation are expected by the end of this summer. 

The Healthcare Transparency Register Foundation will study the concept law and involve it in the results of the evaluation.


Increased transparency

June 20, 2017


In the Netherlands, 58.2 million euros have been reported to the Healthcare Transparency Register for 2016 which is a 13% increase in comparison with last year. For the fifth year in a row, transparency between pharmaceutical industry, healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations and patient organizations is increased.

One of the reasons for this increase is the expansion of the Register to distributors of medical devices (ca. 2 million euros). The additional increase is due to the incremental cooperation between healthcare organizations as well as the cooperation between healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies.

Collaborations between parties have to be disclosed along with the payments that are associated with it to the Healthcare Transparency Register. The purpose of the Register is to make relationships between healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations more transparent. Moreover, it is publicly available on the internet.