Mdeon shared a newsletter with new rules and clarifications. The most important changes include:

New rules about hospitality:

As of 1 July 2024, there will be a distinction between participants and consultants in terms of meals offered on the eve of a scientific meeting:

  • Participants may not be offered a meal on the eve of a scientific meeting unless there is a scientific program that evening.
  • Consultants may be offered a meal on the eve of a scientific meeting provided it is contractually stipulated. The reference to the relevant article of the contract must be mentioned in the visa application, and the contract must be attached as an appendix. The maximum prices for meals must be respected unless there is a justifiable reason for a more expensive meal. This must be motivated in the visa application and the price must be mentioned in the contract.

Clarification about sponsorship of events

Although Mdeon only advised on “scientific events” in the past, they now make a distinction between 3 types of events:

  • Exclusively scientific events: Organization of the scientific part of these conferences may be sponsored.
  • Mixed events (not exclusively scientific program): May not be sponsored.
  • Pure promotional events (aim is purely promotional): attending with a booth is allowed upon 4 conditions:              
    • No scientific program
    • No benefit/gift/hospitality to participating HCP’s at the booth
    • Neutral and sober booths
    • No social activities

Source: June-24-Mdeon-news-EN-1.pdf

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