The Netherlands

Via the MEB website, a planning tool is already available to reserve a timeslot for requesting assessment procedures for decentralized procedures. The planning tool helps the MEB to properly plan the required capacity.

This tool has now been expanded to include also a number of other procedures like;

  • Decentralized procedure with the Netherlands serving as reference member state: DCP (NL=RMS)
  • DCP line extension (NL=RMS)
  • Mutual recognition procedure with the Netherlands serving as the reference member state: MRP (NL=RMS)
  • MRP Repeat-Use with the Netherlands as reference member satte: RUP (NL=RMS)
  • (Re-)consultation procedure for a medical device
  • National registration application (except duplex)
  • National scientific advice
  • Parallel request
  • Applicants can book the time slots for human procedures (including herbal and homeopathic medicines).

The MEB makes time slots available per procedure, per month and per department.

Currently, the request of a time slot is not mandatory yet (except for applications for DCP’s), but possibly in the future.

Source: Planning tool for requesting timeslots expanded to more procedures | News item | Medicines Evaluation Board (

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