FarmaStatus is the online application that collects information about the availability of medicines in Belgium. The application shows when medicines are temporarily unavailable, when the commercialization was temporarily or permanently stopped and when medicines are available again.

The new release provides additional functionalities, expansions and an extension for pharmacists and wholesale distributors. The feedback and suggestions received by the FAMHP since the launch of the application in late 2019 have been taken into account.

It is now possible for pharmacists and wholesaler distributors to send a notification to the marketing authorization holder (MAH) or parallel distributor in the event of a suspicion of unavailability, a problem with delivery or when the period of unavailability has expired.

Marketing authorization holders and parallel distributors will receive these notifications from pharmacists and wholesaler distributors. MAHs and parallel distributors can also respond to these messages.

Source: https://www.fagg/farmastatus

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