The Netherlands

The Claims Regulation has been in force since 2012. All Member States submitted claims for botanicals (herbals) and non-botanicals (vitamins and minerals). These have been scientifically assessed by EFSA and subsequently endorsed by the European Commission. For the non-botanicals, this resulted in a list of authorised and unauthorised claims.

The health claims for botanicals submitted to the EFSA are still ‘on hold’. Some botanical claims have already been assessed and have received a negative EFSA assessment. However, these claims may still be used and are therefore also still ‘on hold’ until the European Commission has made a final decision.

The ‘on hold’ claims with a negative EFSA assessment can still be used for the time being, provided that a number of conditions are met. A step-by-step plan to assess whether a health claim for botanicals can be used was created and can be found here.


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