The Netherlands

After revision of the code for public advertising and medical self-care tools (CPMH), the code for the promotion of health products (CAG) and the code for advertising of medicines (CPG), various adjustments were made:

To make the codes more understandable, multiple changes were implemented to the content and the standards in commandment and prohibition were simplified. Most changes were made to the CAG to align this code with the CPMH and CPG. The most important adaptations were (1) the integration of provisions from the Claims Regulation and (2) the integration of the Database Claims Regulation and the guidance document. In addition, the CAG will most likely become part of the Dutch Advertising Code as of 1 February 2019, just as CPG and CPMH are already part of the Dutch Advertising Code today.

The adjusted codes are available on the inspection board website and have been in effect since the 1st of January 2019.

More information can be found here.


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