For one of our clients, we are looking for pharmaceutical companies that are willing to expand and/or innovate their portfolio in Cough & Cold.

Our client holds a Marketing Authorization for two phytopharmaceutical cough syrups in 10 European countries, a pan European brand and a pipeline.  They are looking for distributors or in-licensors to market these products.

Nowadays, the diversity in Cough & Cold OTC medicines is poor. The evolution to medicinal products with one single active ingredient and the ban of several cough & cold products with multiple active ingredients, resulted mainly in a broad offering of similar cough syrups with just a different label and brand. The PRAC review of codeine, ambroxol and bromhexine and local restrictions for these products further limited the diversity in the Cough & Cold OTC market.

So if you are you are interested in bringing innovation into the Cough & Cold OTC market with a portfolio of ‘green’, natural and high-quality medicinal cough syrups, please contact us at +32 16 891 600 or  We will be happy to provide you with more information.

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