The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is currently located in Canary Warf in London. Following the triggering of Article 50, the process will commence to decide on its relocation. The Agency works with individual regulatory authorities from all 31 European Economic Area member nations. Assuming it moves out of London when Brexit is complete, it would mean shifting 890 jobs currently located in Canary Wharf in East London. The decision on the seat of the agency will not be taken by EMA, but will be decided by common agreement among the representatives of the member states. This might be a hard nut to crack!

Sweden believes it is the “most serious contender” among a half-dozen nations to be the new home of the EMA. But although the Swedes are confident of luring the EMA, they face stiff competition in a bidding war also involving the Irish Republic, Spain, Denmark, Germany and Italy. In our region, both Belgium and the Netherlands have applied as official candidate. And who knows, in case of dispute, Brussels might be the classic EU compromise.

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