Medical technology companies around the world strengthen their policy on the support of third-party educational events. The ethical codes of China (the AdvaMed China Code), Europe (the MedTech Europe Code), the Middle East and North Africa (the Mecomed Code), and the Asia-Pacific region (the APACMed Code) have been revised to strengthen the collective commitment to training & education of healthcare professionals (HCP) and to ethics & integrity.

One of the main adaptations in these codes is that “direct sponsorship” of HCP attendance at medical conferences and congresses, including registration fee, travel, lodging and hospitality, has been eliminated, effective 1 January 2018.

They, however, emphasize that these revisions are not to diminish companies’ commitment to HCP training & education as it remains critical for the continued development of advanced medical technologies, as well as for their safe and effective use for the benefit of patients. This revision was rather to adapt the way that third-party educational events can be supported.

More details on the revisions can be found here.

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