In an interactive Q&A session at Brave New World 2011, Leo Vervoort, IN2Pharma will advice on how to overcome legal barriers in digital marketing. 

Across Health presents Brave New World 2011
SoLoMo: Social Local Mobile Marketing
November 15, 2011 in Brussels
The overarching theme for our fourth edition is SoLoMo: social, local, mobile. We will present convincing cases and actionable market research on hype and truth about these innovations, and how life science companies can capitalize on these trends. At the same time, we will dedicate several sessions to tried-and-tested implementations of key programmes like vdetailing and eMeded. At the end of the half-day seminar, you will have a thorough understanding what to do (and what not to), how much to spend on digital innovation vs implementation and how to integrate online into the overall marketing mix.subject experts and peers.”

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